Program krátkých filmů, 17. a 23. 11. 2012

ANEMIC Program: Human, all too human
Oficiální program krátkých filmů v listopadu. Synopse ke stažení připravujeme. / The official narrative short film program “Human, all too human” is now available. Downloadable synopsis will be available soon.

16th November 2012, 7pm
To Kill A Bumble bee by Sharon Maymon & Tal Granit. Israel, 7
Silent River by Anca Miruna Lazarescu. German, 30′
El Cortejo by Tiarina Seresesky. Argentina, 10’
21 by Csaba Bene Perlenberg. Swedish, 29′

23rd November 2012, 7pm
Under the Skin by Assaf Snir. Israel, 15′
Der Solist by Pierre Hansen. Luxembourgish, 14’17″
The Centre by Kate Lloyd. British, 13′
In The Spin by Markus Erapohja. Finnish. 19′
Overture by Dan Sachar. Israel, 35’

Městká knihovna v Praze / Municipal Library of Prague.
Normal: 60 czk / Reduced: 40 czk

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